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Database Test Plan Using Jmeter for Stored Procedure Testing

Tutorial to describe how to do database performance testing using JMeter tool

  1. AnmolD
    Problem Statement: Performance test the stored procedures using JMeter

    We followed following steps and did a small proof of concept to do this using mysql, Jmeter

    See this tutorial if you want to use loadrunner - Click Here

    What was done
    1. Install XAMPP
    2. Create a database in MySql
    3. Create a table in mysql
    4. Create a MySql Stored Procedure to insert a row in mysql table
    5. Call the stored procedure using Jmeter
    Install XAMPP server - https://www.apachefriends.org/download.html - This will also install mysql which will be used for the purpose of this poc.

    Creating Database,Table and a sample stored Procedure in Mysql
    • Open command prompt
    • Navigate to xampp\mysql\bin directory
    • Connect to mysql using command : mysql -u <username> -p <password>
    • Create database using command : CREATE DATABASE testing; and then connect to database "testing"

    • Create a table using below command
    LastName varchar(255),
    FirstName varchar(255)
    • Than insert a dummy row in the database
    INSERT INTO test (LastName, FirstName) VALUES ('testLN1', 'testFN1');
    • Create a storedProcedure by following commands
    (IN FN CHAR(20),IN LN CHAR(20))
    INSERT INTO test (LastName, FirstName) VALUES (LN, FN);
    END //
    • Test it by calling the stored procedure
    CALL insertName('testFN2','testLN2');
    Calling the stored procedure using Jmeter



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