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Impact of page response time on online retail conversions

Published by admin in the blog admin's blog. Views: 292

A recent study was done on retail conversions primarily to answer following questions
  • What is the “magic number” for page load time that yields the highest conversion rate?
  • What is the impact of one second of performance improvement (or slowdown) on conversion rate/bounce rate/session length?
  • How are high-performance pages different – in terms of size, complexity, and resources – from pages that perform poorly?
Some of the key findings from this study is documented below

Finding 1: If you’re only focusing on your site’s average or median conversion rates, you’re missing crucial insights


Finding 2: Optimal load times for peak conversions ranged from 1.8 to 2.7 seconds across device types


Finding 3: Even 100ms delays correlate to lower conversion rates


Finding 4: A two-second delay hurt bounce rates by up to 103%


Finding 5: Start render time is an important metric

Finding 6: A two-second delay correlated with up to a 51% decrease in session length


You can read the full study document on the soasta website here

Its remarkable to see how such a small change in page responsiveness can bring a dramatic change in online business.

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