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Resource Utilization

Defines the generic concept of resource utilization

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    Utilization of any system resource is defined as the Ratio of Busy Time to Total Time of Observation.

    Let us consider an ATM center with one ATM machine to understand the utilization. If there are 20 people coming in to the ATM center in one hour then the arrival rate is 20 per hour. Let us assume each person does only one transaction and it take about 2 minutes for each transaction to complete. Hence the ATM is capable of completing 30 transactions in one hour. The total time taken to complete 20 transactions would be 40 minutes. So the ATM has been in use for 40 minutes out of one hour window. Hence the average utilization of the ATM in the given one hour is 40/60 = 66.66%.

    Hardware Resource Utilization

    Resource Utilization (%) = Used capacity of a Resource * 100/ Available Capacity of Resource


    Utilization is always measured in terms of percentage.

    The utilization concepts can be used across all the system hardware components such as CPU, Memory, Disk, Network.

    Some important resource utilization from the standpoint of software performance engineering are:

    • CPU Utilization
    • Memory Utilization
    • Disk Utilization
    • Network Utilization