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Check for the new Schedule: Selenium Online...

Discussion in 'Performance Testing Practice' started by Afzal SK, Jun 9, 2016.

  1. Afzal SK Guest

    Check for the new Schedule: Selenium Online Training (http://www.gcreddy.com/2014/12/selenium-online-training.html) Selenium Day-wise Schedule (http://www.gcreddy.com/2015/08/selenium-brochure.html) ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Note: > We use GoToMeeting for Interactive Online Training (Voice and Desktop Sharing) > You no need to install anything, we will send Class invitation by Email daily basis. > We will send Class Notes and Recorded Class Videos Regular basis (After each class). > You can attend Live Program as well as watch Videos after the Live Program. > Once you Register for the training, then you can re-join in our Selenium Training within 2 years with free of cost. > If You miss any class or Series of classes, then you can attend in the Next batch. > Our Training Program in Real-time Orientation, main focus on Java programming (Core Java), Selenium WebDriver and TestNG Testing Framework. > Before attending the program you just go through Manual Testing Concepts and Programming Fundamentals. > We teach Java from basics then you no need to worry about the Java Programming. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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