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Currently i am working on MQ Series client...

Discussion in 'Performance Testing Practice' started by Sriharsha Mvs, May 13, 2016.

  1. Currently i am working on MQ Series client protocol. My requirement is like i need to write a message into a queue and then i need to capture two values from the response obtained through read operation and again i need to pass these values as an input for another write operation in Queue. Can anybody please help me in capturing the values in response.Thanks in advance....
  2. Harish Raj

    Harish Raj Guest

    Which tool have u be given to script?
  3. I am working on similar scenario and using LR.I have installed MQ client on lg..wt next ?? Plz let us know the further steps..
  4. Harish Raj

    Harish Raj Guest

    Understand how the communication is established between MQ client and the server... incorporate same request using LR...
  5. 1. Check if you are able to post a message to your target queue from local queue on LG. 2. use web service protocol to create the scripts. 3, Add the context factory settings in Run time settings of the script. 4. Make sure the binding file is updated with the list of queues that you created on LG machine(the binding file should get automatically updated, if not check with MQ admin). 5. Use the jms api in scripts for posting the message and receiving the response. 6. If the response is XML, capture the response in parameter and extract the values using lr_xml_get_values().
  6. We got a solution for this. We have to use lrmq_save_param_boundary() after the MQget request(lrmq_get message() ) to capture the dynamic values. If you want functional reference I can provide you....

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