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Hi All, currently I am working on Salesforce...

Discussion in 'HP Loadrunner' started by Mahesh Uma Angalakuditi, Jun 1, 2016.

  1. Hi All, currently I am working on Salesforce application. I have recorded with Vugen and the script is having lots of correlations to do. As it's a CRM application, looks like it's difficult to choose web HTTP protocol. I want to use truclient protocol as script is easy and no need to correlate. But it will take lots of CPU usage while executing from controller . Can you please suggest any best methods to work with Ajax Truclient protocol for running the scripts without using much more CPU usage .
  2. Niketh Saini

    Niketh Saini Guest

    How many users you trying to test? Truclient is very resource intensive. If you prefer truclient, think about adding more LG's during execution. For correlations, you can spend time on one script and create library to use for other script. This should save lot of time.
  3. SalesForce themselves use TruClient. I have worked on SalesForce using LoadRunner, CloudTest and Jmeter. Working with SFDC apps using transport protocol on any of these tools is a real pain. But then a lot depends on time and budget. I vote for TruClient using AWS. The other way is using idle desktops in your office during night hours when no one uses them.

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