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How to pass the basic authorization header in loadrunner

Discussion in 'Performance Testing Practice' started by Saravanan Srinivasan, Jan 8, 2016.

  1. How to pass the basic authorization header in loadrunner
  2. web_add_header("Header_Name","Header_Value"); & web_add_auto_header("header_name","header_value");
  3. There are 7 tokens created as header value in that 3 are dynamic how to pass that.please suggest
  4. //Static Tokens web_add_header("AuthToken1","xyahsdkhasdkhfakj"); web_add_header("AuthToken2","xyahsdkhasdkhfakj"); web_add_header("AuthToken3","xyahsdkhasdkhfakj"); web_add_header("AuthToken4","xyahsdkhasdkhfakj"); //Dynamic Tokens web_add_header("AuthToken5",lr_eval_string("{DynamicToken1}")); // Here DynamicToken1 captured using correlation functions web_add_header("AuthToken6",lr_eval_string("{DynamicToken2}")); // Here DynamicToken2 captured using correlation functions web_add_header("AuthToken7",lr_eval_string("{DynamicToken3}")); // Here DynamicToken3 captured using correlation functions
  5. Try this .. If you need more help share the LR script ??
  6. Sure I will check and get back
  7. Andy Savdt

    Andy Savdt Guest

    Basic auth will have only one token, not sure how you are getting 7 tokens for the same. A single domain will have only one header terminal access. Please verify your basic check again.

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