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Amazon's outage and its ripple effects !

Published by admin in the blog admin's blog. Views: 469

Amazon's web hosting services are one of the most widely used and popular. An outage on the same impacts a huge bunch of websites and services, which was infact observed yesterday with amazon reporting high error rates in one of the regions of its S3 Web services.


Websites built with site creation sevice WIX were all reported down - Trello, Quora, IFTTT, and Splitwise. Even alexa was struggling to be online for a period of time.

The funny part is the website testing service (Isitdownrightnow.com) went down as well having no connection to the amazon infrastructure. It turn out to be a ripple effect of amazon outage, and it has seen an overload of people trying to check websites !!

It gets me thinking on importance of performance and scalability and how we as performance engineers underscore such incidents by designing rock solid test cases and scalability considerations.
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