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Neoload 6.7 November 2018 Release - Whats New?

Published by admin in the blog admin's blog. Views: 117

LoadRunner Script Converter NeoLoad’s LoadRunner script converter is now Open Source! Anyone can contribute to this project to make the path between LoadRunner and NeoLoad even more straightforward. Visit the script converter project page on GitHub.More extensive conversion coverage.

The LoadRunner converter supports more functions and covers SAP GUI scripts, enabling you to convert more LoadRunner scripts. Convert existing LoadRunner SAP GUI scripts to NeoLoad shifting quickly to Agile load testing. What's new in NeoLoad 6.7? New features To explore the new exciting features, see

What’s New in NeoLoad 6.7. Overriding scenario settings (load profile, test duration) with a YAML file when launching tests through the command line or with a CI Plugin. See ‘-project’ option in command line documentation.Swagger/OpenAPI import: Create easily REST API calls from a Swagger/OpenAPI descriptor. See Create a User Path based on API requests.AppDynamics integration on Neotys Labs to correlate data from AppDynamics with NeoLoad. SAP GUI: Remotely manage on the same machine several Load Generators running in several Terminal Server sessions. See the Terminal Services installation guide.

Read More Here -> https://www.neotys.com/neoload/whats-new
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